anytime I've not listened to my intuition... it's lead straight to the intersection of calamity and regret wherein I must then turn onto lesson learned lane and move on...

Yeah, unless you are in love with them.Then, Pisces tend to look the other way. They like to see what's good about people and this can make them blind.

Pisces biggest fears,,,everything you are going through right now...#eml, #wlh

Yep reckon this sums me up quite well!Pisces biggest fears,,,everything you are going through right now.

Dealing with Zodiac Pisces

Dealing with Zodiac Pisces. Double pisces right here. Look out folks I'm the tsunami of fish.

Pisces... hehe, every time! No one has been able to figure out how my head ticks either and why I think the way I do.

So true! You've got me figured out, eh? We'll take this curve ball .

Love for pisces...

Falling in love with a Pisces is a beautiful thing, but you must really take the time to study their personality and ways of handling things, as they will do to you. They can be a lot to deal with at times because of how strongly they feel and believe thi