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The Big Book of Papercraft, a collection of easy to do cool-looking papercrafts.

Power Drawing Notebooks shows how children in primary schools can use drawing in personal notebooks as a means of exploration, investigation, experiment and as a source of reference and inspiration. It provides a glimpse of drawings that 5-11 year olds can do with little direction from parent or teacher.

Good Old Drawing (G.O.D.) is a book of inspirational quotes and thoughts from selected illustrators known for their hand drawn art. Included are David Hockney, Ronald Searle, Quentin Blake, Peter Brookes, Ralph Steadman and more to a total of hundred. The book celebrates hand drawn traditional art as compared to digital art that's so prevalent nowadays.

Like millions of others, Andrew Marr draws. He hasn't had lessons, yet since childhood, the journalist and TV presenter has been at his happiest with a pen or brush in his hand. One way or another he draws most days, even if it's just a doodle on the edge of a newspaper. But why does he do it?

I was looking for my friend Art at the corner of Fifth and Fifty-Third but didn't see him. So I asked a lady walking up the avenue, "Have you seen Art?" She thought I was looking for the MOMA. Seen Art? is a picture books that guides kids to the wonderful artworks at the MOMA. By Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith.

Numero: A Beautiful Pop up Book of Numbers by Marion Bataille.

Motion Silhouette: An Interactive Shadow Picture Book

Sara is bored and nothing is going her way. None of the toys that she finds work right. Her imaginative trades lead her from one toy to the next, but it's her friends who are having all the fun. Eventually Sara sees that a creative mind is more important than the perfect toy, and sharing with friends is the best way to have fun.

A parrot with a palette flies through this book, introducing colors and explaining how they can be mixed to form new ones.

Especially Beastly Activities for Budding Artists (free printables)

Simply Fantastic - An Introduction to Classical Music is a beautiful book and CD that reveals the magic of music to children. The thematically unified collection of compositions and illustrations are inspired by a host of otherworldly beings including elves, fairies, wizards, and gnomes that sparked the creativity of Wagner, Mozart, Mendelssohn, and others.

Harold is a curious four-year-old boy who, with his purple crayon, has the power to create a world of his own simply by drawing it. A 1955 Crockett Johnson classic.

With a rhyming narrative that will entertain art lovers of all ages, this new board book is a fun way to introduce young children to fine art. The sleepy trees, golden haystacks, and juicy fruits of In the Garden with Van Gogh will delight little ones.

What happens when a very creative artist runs out of things to paint? Scott Magoon's I’ve Painted Everything is all about Hugo - an elephant painter who has painter’s block. He goes to Paris with his best friend Miles, and among the sites, he finds inspiration! A children's book that teaches kids to see things in a very different way.

Artful Reading by Bob Raczka is a perfect combination of promoting an appreciation for art and a love of reading. The concept is simple with each page showcasing a painting of someone reading. While the text suggests what type of reading the painting is showing, it’s still up for the reader to go deeper and decide what they are seeing.

Museum Trip - a story about a little boy on a school field trip to a museum, gets lost, and soon finds himself in the art.This wordless book by Barbara Lehman has a clear strong message – that if exposed children can loose themselves in art, it opens a new world with new adventures before unseen!

Everyone who loves art, Babar, or children will love Babar's Museum of Art.. All the art in the museum are masterpieces that you will recognize redone with elephants.

Simple step-by-step line illustrations make it easy for children to draw with confidence. Each title contains 101 different images in all manner of shapes, sizes and poses.

Each of the 14 magnificent paintings in this book contains a different shape for you to find. Some are easy to spot, and others are more challenging. But take a closer look -- after you think you've found them all, there are even more shapes to look at and discover. Features renowned artists including Georgia O'Keeffe, Henri Matisse, and M.C. Escher.

"Whether you are brand new to art journaling or are in need of some creative ideas, we have thousands of art journal prompts you can use as a jumping point for your pages and altered art books!"

A decorating book written in 1960 for teen girls and is SOOOO chock full o' slangy goodness.

A complete art instruction book for older children, teens and adult beginners. Learn about different drawing styles, the core fundamentals, and how to develop your own personal style.

Design Dossier: Graphic Design For Kids - Kids will be encouraged to experience design firsthand in this interactive series that encompasses a variety of learning styles, develops creative problem-solving skills, and expands the ways in which kids approach challenges.

Moxie, The Dachshund of Fallingwater (by Cara Armstrong). Children experience the renowned Frank Lloyd Wright house that boldly cantilevers over a waterfall in the western Pennsylvania mountains through the eyes of the Kaufmann family's most beloved dog in residence.

Gaudi Pop-ups: Explore the works of Spain's famous architect, Antoni Gaudi in this fun pop-up book!