Photo Illustration The neutral photo is highlighted by the purple triangle which provides a sharp contrast to the movements within the picture.


sea glass - I sure wish we could find these various colors of sea glass in/around Lake Superior!

Mineral Chart: Includes all 6 crystal classes and presents the physical properties: hardness, habit, luster, Mineral Chart


Gemz by Amber Ibarreche — On the Wall


Dee Mon Cheel Dren Art Print by Jordan Clark. This work give me an idea for my portraiture project.


Dahlia Bethany Pink Jewel Print - id actually love to make myself a beaded curtain like this!


Porcelain by SO-IL


Ask the Jewelry Guru! Lady Vivian: Νοέμβριος 2013 Harry Winston would often keep these types of jewels in his POCKETS for security. Supposedly would not let his face be photographed for years.

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Holy crap. I would LOVE to have this... Amazing Rainbow Agate. Photo: Pascal Petit on flickr  Geology Wonders

Fractal mineral space by Pascal Petit. Igneous rocks formed from lava flows of the Archaean era.

Pastel Background

Purple gemstones Pinning this here because if we colour pick this image, the colors color-picked give a great palette for digital artworks. Same applies to other gemstone pictures.

crystals | Tumblr

Color palette: Quartz crystals with soft pinks, magentas and a pop of orange. Color inspiration for a bright and fun brand.

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& Crystals Gems Healing Stones-Chart Best tarot reading online with the most renowned psychic of the world

1921 chart of precious and semi-precious gemstones in the Morgan-Tiffany Collection of the American Museum of Natural History, and the collection of Tiffany & Co., selected by George F. Kunz.

1921 Morgan Tiffany Chart of Precious Semi-Precious and Gem Stones

Morgan Tiffany Chart of Precious Gems, 1921 I could see grids of larger size stones drawn with the GIA jewelry design system as drawings. Or arrays of nearly identical stones on grid patterns.

gemz - poster by Brooklyn artist Amber Ibarreche                      

Have a shiny jewel-y, gem-y, mineral-filled kind of weekend. Posters by Amber Ibarreche, for sale here .

Australian Fire Opal

marshmallowsandbubbles: “ what kind of wizardry is this? ” I thought it was real opal to begin with but the source says it is a polymer clay faux made to look like opal. I want some!

Gem Chart

Vintage Estate Jewelry, Antiques & Collectibles by Houston Estate Jewelry Gemstones chart


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