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Horse humor, "the farrier said n o more treats, so I ate him". Cute big bellied horse, really big belly!

Everyone needs a fat pony. That also translates to everyone needs a pony.

Story of this week

No, No, I'm listening, it just takes me a minute to process so much stupid all at once - Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory)

Laughed so hard I cries...thank you autocorrect for making my day better!!!!love it!!!

18 Autocorrect struggles - these things do it for me every time! absolutely the funniest stuff ever

I'm seriously cracking up. Best autocorrects I've ever seen :D be prepared to pee yourself laughing!

I very rarely read these but iI was laughing so hard I have tears rolling down my face! Pardon the language, but these were some of the funniest autocorrects I've seen!

More often than not...

The wheel's turning but the hamster's dead!Yes and some times I know it has been dead for a long time!

You know your OCD is bad when you write it in order the first time...

Clearly she hasn't mastered her OCD yet. I write my list the FIRST time in order of where I find it in the store. And it's not OCD, I call it time management.

No recipe for this-- but simple as can be, and possibly the prettiest cupcakes I've ever made :)  Use any cupcake recipe you'd like (though Carrot or Hummingbird Cupakes are great), then toast shredded coconut in the onen (making sure to "stir" a bit to avoid burning), and top with Cadbury egg's (found around Easter time) or even Jordan Almonds. Happy Nesting!

Bird nest cupcakes ~ Frost cupcake, roll in toasted coconut, Make a small indentation in middle, place 3 small candy eggs in center.