I want this in my dining room

See-Through Solution DIY Love this quote for my Dining room! We love this traditional country kitchen!

Santa sacks. Kids leave out old toys for Santa to take to other kids.-- LOVE this!! What a perfect way to teach giving!

santa sacks ~ kids leave old toys out for santa to take and donate. Wonderful idea to teach kids to give back. I love this. We have Santa sacks but never thought about getting rid of things to give Santa!

Love this

So sweet for MY dad, "The only thing better than having you as my DAD is my children having you as their Papa" - love it. My children loved their Papa.I loved my Dad.he is now in Heaven.we miss you Daddy/Papa!

Words to live by.

Words to live by.

Love is caring for each other even when you're angry. This is why I love you! I always care for you, and feel you caring for me even when we argue. Damn I love you!

to my husband, my son and his wife, and our daughters future spouses

Build A Happy Home. This word only the honest people know how to build their life and their homes with love, not the cheaters.

Faith In Humanity Restored – 24 Pictures, these pictures are so cool, definitely worth looking through all of them :)

All of these Marines shaved their heads because one of the Marine's nieces has cancer. These are some awesome, loving, brothers and I am in awe of them.God bless the military!

my earned stripes :)

Absolutely love this. Pregnant women/mothers should never think they aren't beautiful because of stretch marks. Those stretch marks are the result of the most beautiful thing a woman can do: give life:)

The Greatest Things a father can do for his Daughter is to love her mother ( My Daddy does til this day as my Honey Loves me too, my lil Lady sees it too) :-)

The greatest thing a father can do for his daughter is to love her mother;love this so true.a girl learns how she should b treated by seeing how her father treats and loves her mother

for a girl's room

"I am the daughter of a King who is not moved by the world, for my God is with me & goes before me. I do not fear because I am His."- awesome quote for a little girl's room