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Halloween Flower Arrangement

3-Step Halloween Decorations

Jack-o'-Lantern Flower Vase - Carve a friendly, smiling face into a white pumpkin. Cut the stems of a bouquet of seasonal flowers and arrange in a small vase. Set the vase inside the carved pumpkin.

DIY heart friendship bracelets -

DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet

DIY Heart Friendship Bracelet Tutorial - Great friendship gift for slightly older children to create for Valentines Day, simple but effective technique


This is supposed to be inspiration for kids making their own cuddly animals. They could also be great characters for kids to use in stories. I can almost hear their (animal) voices in my head!

Knitted animals. What an assembly :)

DIY stuffed animals from sweaters. I kinda have a thing for sock/sweater animals & dolls. A bearded merman doll. glitter animals a.

download this free pattern

A simple, scrumptious plush Teddy. Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a bear plushie in under 120 minutes by sewing with felt, cotton, and cotton. How To posted by Claire - Craft Schmaft. in the Needlework section Difficulty: Simple.

Items I Love by zsanett on Etsy

Dog family dolls Funny fabric dolls kids toy by TinytotAtelier

Outrageous!  Hand carved, exquisite, triple flier, walnut and ebony spinning wheel.

Hand carved, exquisite, triple flier, walnut and ebony spinning wheel. Spinning wheels cause me to swoon.

"Meet Donald. Donald is knitted with a light brown and white lambswool so he is lovely and soft. He is filled with polyester stuffing and his eyes are hand embroidered using lambswool."                       Courtesy: Sara Carr. London (UK).

Donald the Donkey Lambswool Plush Toy - Made to order by saracarr on Etsy

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boston terrier

Bronson the Dog Wool Plush Pillow by threebadseeds on Etsy -- freaking CUTE!