Authentic Mediterranean Food

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zucchini stuffed with cheese and other toppings on a white platter, ready to be eaten
Mediterranean Zucchini Boats -
Mediterranean Zucchini Sticks -- Crunchy baked zucchini chock full of juicy veggies, golden feta cheese and fresh parsley. Ready in 25 minutes and taste great hot or cold.
a white dish filled with chicken covered in sauce and garnish
Mediterranean Grille Chicken Thighs (BEST marinade)
Mediterranean Grilled Chicken + Dill Greek Yogurt Sauce. Top grill recipe! Marinate boneless chicken thighs in Mediterranean spices, olive oil and lemon juice. Grill for less than 15 minutes, and serve with this flavor-packed dill yogurt sauce! Pin it to try soon!
two white bowls filled with chickpeas next to lemon wedges on a table
Mediterranean Roasted Chickpeas Recipe
You need to try this Mediterranean Roasted Chickpeas Recipe, these are the new cool of the snack world; crunchy, flavorful, delicious!
two small pizzas with tomatoes, zucchini and other toppings on them
Mediterranean Flatbread Pizzas
Mediterranean Flatbread Pizzas // yummy, fast and healthy dinner idea, use pitas as the crust, loaded with veggies #fastfood
a white bowl filled with chickpea salad on top of a wooden table
Mediterranean Chickpea Salad
Mediterranean Chickpea Salad - A Teaspoon of Happiness Verdict: Taste - Meh (kind of bland). Appearance - Looked delicious
a white bowl filled with salad on top of a wooden table
Tabbouleh. Easy Mediterranean classic recipe. I'd substitute the bulgur for quinoa on a detox or gluten free meal plan.
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slow cooker mediterranean chicken with white rice and green olives on the side in a blue dish
Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken
Lady Behind The Curtain - Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken (may try mixing all ingredients and freezing with raw chicken until placing in crock pot).
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a man in a suit and tie with the caption that moment when you realize that everyone went to get shramm without you
Loki and the Epic Sadness by TheCodeHero on DeviantArt
Poor Loki...
a plate of skewered vegetables next to two glasses of milk and a pitcher
Kabobs & Lemonade
some heart shaped pastries on a white plate
10 New Takes on Thanksgiving Classics
Easy Thanksgiving Sides: Mediterranean Puffs #thanksgiving #sides #holidays
a colorful bowl filled with food on top of a table
The Kabob Platter — Under $10. Great for two kids to share. Tip: The kabobs are customizable, so everyone is happy!
some chickpeas are sitting on top of a pan
We love these little guys!
a bowl filled with grilled meat and vegetables
The falafel truth at Garbanzo
The falafel truth at Garbanzo - Westword
a piece of bread sitting on top of a paper bag
The falafel truth at Garbanzo
The falafel truth at Garbanzo - Westword