Havana, Cuba - woman with a cigar. I just LOVE her face and attitude. Loved the lie in Havana

"I WAS A SLAVE" The life of slavery in Cuban Latin America

"I WAS A SLAVE" Afro-Cuban Slave.my ancestry. Many forget that African slaves were taken to Cuban and other Caribbean and Latin American countries. Makes me sad.

Black soldier in the German Army

"Black soldier in the German Army What I wouldn't give to know the particulars of THIS story." Probably from one of Germany's African colonies also maybe lived in Germany or even born there.

King Richard II, son of Edward The Black Prince.

Richard II January 1367 – ca. 14 February was King of England from 1377 until he was deposed in Richard, a son of Edward, the Black Prince, was born during the reign of his grandfather, Edward III.