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Laura Wait Hexagram II, 40" x 40" Mixed Media on Panel.

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Art Journal: Journey

Felicity Wilson: Art Jorunal: Jorney

Tarda Mucho Collage: collage


@dansmoncrane | Get Messy Art Journal | Season of Serenity | Gold | Handwriting

Get Messy Season of Serenity || 01

@dansmoncrane | Halcyon Days | Season of Serenity | Get Messy Art Journal

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Artjournal 14 sept Image

Blog | Wilna Furstenberg Blog

Art Journaling #8

Art Journaling #8 | Wilna Furstenberg Blog


A walk on the wild side. | Wilna Furstenberg Blog


Last Adventure Art Journal Page | Wilna Furstenberg Blog

Artjournal by Wilna Furstenberg

Art Journal Page: New Life | Wilna Furstenberg Blog

Captivated Visions Art Journal Observations

Captivated Visions

As the Night Comes On by Linda Welch

23 Sandy Gallery | As the night comes on by Linda Welch

The Caged Bird Sings by Jessie Holmes, via Behance / fabulous work by Jessie Holmes - Love all of it

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Even though I take multiple opportunities each year to "start fresh," I do tend to use January 1 as an indicator of goals and resolutions. So here we are exactly halfway through 2015 and let me tell you, like everything, it's been good and bad. Two thousand fifteen is all about exploring creativity, building a foundation and establishing habits to better my relationships, work and health. Sounds ambitious, right? I've established three new habits that have made a world of difference: j...

The Halfway Point of 2015

The Halfway Point of 2015 — TWO IF BY SEA STUDIOS

The Halfway Point of 2015

freewaynights: jesuisperdu: bobby doherty whatever, bobby, fucking you for making this interesting [<3] this is great

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Free as Canvas Print by Amy Sia | JUNIQE

Free by Amy Sia

Molokai Art Print

Molokai Art Print by Amy Sia

Elma de Jonge | art journal page #artjournal #art #painting #design #color #spring

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Donna Chomichuk

Mary Ann Moss

he was just the right one - Dispatch From LA

#papercraft #scrapbook #layout. Great composition and layering from art journal: moje chaotyczne miasto (art journal: my chaotic city)

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mary ann moss

random thoughts

eva isaksen Flurry

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scansafatiche by Matteo Cocci - mixed media on wood 43 x 39cm



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