Mosaic created using pretty papers decoupage style and adding a dimensional paint for depth.di

Paper Mosaic

Pretty cool hammock for those lazy summer days

Make a Hammock in an Afternoon - A Crafty Mix

Citristrip & Saran Wrap to Remove Finishes

DIY Metal Lampshade - - I created this from a piece of metal and some embroidery hoops and you can too!

How to Create a DIY Metal Lampshade

Lamp shade from metal and 2 embroidery hoops. I could use this for my beedside lamps. =D

Lamp Re-Vamp and DIY Metal Shade


9 Best Essential Oils for Sleep

9 Best Essential Oils for Sleep - Savory Lotus

How to remove popcorn ceilings in less time with LESS CELAN UP!!!


How to Spray Paint Countertops ADD: primer and sealant mentioned in nots and this might be the thing for some of my countertops!!!! =D

How to Spray Paint Countertops


coffee table diy

Running With Scissors: Lighting Makeover On a Budget

Running With Scissors: Lighting Makeover On a Budget

Barnwood look finish

Learn How To Turn Anything Into Barnwood

How to get a crisp line everytime where the ceiling and wall meet. Best trick ever! (caulk line)

DIY Projects and Home Decor

How To Make a 3 Penny Battery

How To Make a 3 Penny Battery

19 Unexpected Duct Tape Projects

Cast or Pattern Anything with Duct tape

Before of french chair with loose springs

French Chair Final FINAL Reveal - Shades of Blue Interiors

The Lonely Library Table - I pinned this for the cleaning recipe: I clean all my pieces with a mix of 50/50 vinegar and water. I add a small squirt of dawn and clean with a micro fiber cloth and a green scrubbing pad. Rinse will with plain water and a fresh clean cloth.

The Lonely Library Table - Refinished - Now Ready for a New Adventure!

Make the best tweezers around

The life and effectiveness of any sewing machine can be extended with simple maintenance.

How to service a sewing machine

Do you want an amazing tiled shower?You're in the right place. Today we're going to show you how to tile a shower wall. Specifically the trickiest shower wall: the one with all the plumbing. You'll learn so many tips your friends will think you're a professional. What do you think? Does that sound cool...

How to Tile a Shower Wall...AND Cut Tiles Like a Pro!!

Paint your kitchen cabinets without priming! Full tutorial. (General Finishes paints)

How to Paint Kitchen Cabinets without sanding or priming! | Designer Trapped

How to plank a popcorn ceiling with lightweight tongue and groove wood planks.

How to Plank a Popcorn Ceiling

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles | Paintable Tiles |

How To Install A La Maison Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles by Ron Hazelton

painted countertop

How to Paint Countertops with Laminate Countertop Paint

Create a Tuscan wall effect

How to do a paint technique that adds a tuscan feel to a home