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Infographic: “The Global Guide to Hand Gestures”

The Global Guide to Hand Gestures Infographic is one of the best Infographics created in the Other category. Check out The Global Guide to Hand Gestures now!

Pew! Pew! | Gun Shot Sounds in Other Languages |

Funny pictures about Movie Themed Sounds. Oh, and cool pics about Movie Themed Sounds. Also, Movie Themed Sounds photos.

Camera shutters - International sounds by James Chapman

CAMERA SOUNDS Yup, that’s right. In Bulgaria, that movie “Click” starring Adam Sandler is really called “Shtrak" (щр.

Hello new followers!Since this blog has been featured on the Tumblr app, there are a load more of you here which is great great great. Thanks for following!Here are some older illustrations to give you an idea what the kind of things I post about. Enjoy!And if you like animal sounds, there’s a whole book of them in my shop.

I& had some requests for the sneezes and eating sounds to be added to my shop, so that is exactly what I went and did.(And you can still use the code & at the checkout to get off) Sorry for the spam. New comic tomorrow!

The international sounds of eating also vary - English speakers may say 'chomp' but other languages prefer to 'nyam' (Korea), 'namm' (Estonia) or 'gnam' (Itlay)

Kissing, Barking, Snoring and other Things Sound in Different Languages. James Chapman is a young Manchester-based physicist and designer who makes witty p