Neat idea to mark what is in your garden.  Made with a hanger, frozen juice lid and beads!

Jewelry For Your Garden. Homemade garden markers using wire hangers, canning lids or orange juice lids and beads.

Recycled Tin Can Crafts | DIY Tin Can Lanterns - Recycle tin cans to make beautiful lanterns!

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Tuna cans, scrap book paper, tea lights on a hanger with cloth pins. Looks awesome and I have all that stuff at home... Anyone wanna come over for tuna I need to empty some cans. 8)

Croissant and lavender: Mood lighting cans

tin lantern... these would be great for an outdoor evening supper or get-together!

A DIY candle wedding favor is a bright idea. Whether for practicality or pure decoration, candles bring a feeling of festivity to your wedding favors.

Repurpose tin cans; Make these lovely outdoor luminaries from Grow Creative

The best DIY projects & DIY ideas and tutorials: sewing, paper craft, DIY. DIY Gifts Ideas 2017 / 2018 Repurpose tin cans; Make these lovely outdoor luminaries from Grow Creative.for the backyard -Read More -

Tin can light fixture with burnt in design.

recycled tin can lantern artist

Shadow tree. Looks really swish & high class & is no doubt a really flash present but being stainless steel its probably not what you'd call cheap.... But why don't we take a tea candle in a glas holder put it on a wood, cork or whatever base and make our own tree or trees from some wood scraps or tin foil, stick, pin to the base?!? Should work ;)

Such a sick shadow

these little things are neat :)

Tealight covers room lights home decor flowers candles design

Thumb Tack Lanterns ~ These beautiful luminaries were inspired from tin can luminaries.  Simply trace a desired pattern on card stock and punch out the pattern with a thumb tack. They add an elegant touch to a wedding, bedroom, or even as a centerpiece.

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