Holiday Gift Wrap Inspiration, Part 4

Fair Isle Gift tags, screen printed, kraft paper kitchen shower gift wrapped within itself Holiday gift wrap

helen dardik floral pattern

helen dardik floral pattern can be used for pattern project focus on bees and flowers, creating 'table cloth' design

#marni #texture #weaving

This detail of a leather and satin bag by Marni, shows how weaving can be made to feel contemporary using new fabrics.pinned by Liberhada ♥

Graphic tiles

The blue tiled floor of the restaurant maritim barcleona features a mix of patterns; granada tile in los angeles offers a selection of graphic blue and white designs from their echo tile collection.


Geometric pattern for tribal feel Andy Gilmore - // Geometric Art If only. I would LOVE a quilt exactly like this!


The hand shapes are identical, differing only in color and spatial arrangement. Their star-shaped configuration points to a central focal point, made up from the Unity resulting from the design composite parts.

graphic rug

HomespunChevron Rug