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Richmond Tigers & Juventus FC Media Opportunity - Pictures

Paulo Dybala Photos - Paulo Dybala of Juventus speaks to media during a Richmond Tigers AFL and Juventus FC media opportunity at Punt Road Oval on July 2016 in Melbourne, Australia. - Paulo Dybala Photos - 427 of 1106

"Fixed it, OCD style."

Reminds me of a few friends! ~~Fixed it, OCD style. This is truly more like CDO. just like OCD but in alphabetical order. OCD to the next level

Hipster Will and Kate | This Is What It Would Look Like If Your Favorite Celebrities Were Covered In Badass Tattoos

The royal couple, pictured leaving hospital after the birth of Prince George, are given a hipster makeover by artist Cheyenne Randall, who imagines what iconic figures would look like from a parallel universe. I love her purple hair on her, lol!