Ok. this is a great idea. Especially for an outdoor party, then you don't have to worry about bugs getting in the salads!

Classy way to serve salad at a BBQ, with no bug/fly problems! i would put the salad jar on ice though for freshness.

copper pennies before 1982 help keep algae from growing in bird bath...interesting, I will be trying this!

To keep algae growth from your bird bath drop some pre 1982 copper pennies in. I use 7 pennies for a normal size bath. Pre 1982 contained more copper. What a clever idea, I didn't know this!

6 Steps to a No-Work Cottage Garden  ****

6 Steps to a No-Work Cottage Garden

This is what I envision my front flowerbed looking like some day. 6 Steps to a No-Work Cottage Garden Create a garden that's big on color -- but small on labor.

in lieu of a windowbox and LOVE the pink in green pots

Simple and pretty window plant shelf. Much easier then installing a window box and you can see the pretty pots!

❤❤ HE LOVES ME....

A "happy" photo of daisies. I just love daisies, they are the friendliest flowers!

wish I had a trough like this…

Stone Planters We carry these pots at Buckleys Sticks & Stones in Oklahoma City they are hand hewed out in Mexico.

Topiary Ivy Heart ~ Ivy trained on wire & moss

I love ivy - I have got to try this.Topiary Ivy Heart ~ Ivy plant trained on wire & moss

Summer flowers in mason jars. One of my favorite things.

Rustic wedding flower arrangement with wild daisies and other wildflowers. Perfect for a bouquet or centerpiece in your country wedding.