garghi seenevas

garghi seenevas

garghi seenevas
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Anna from Frozen. I would like to practise drawing like this

I want to go for a hair style similar to this one here, but my hair is too short. My plan is to buy a wig in the hairstyle and then buy some ribbon and the little grip she uses to hold the ribbon up with.

Elsa by on @deviantART--- i like the blocky waqy they do it but still make it look like a good manga elsa (unlike alot of others!!!)

Elsa, by Banzchan on deviantART. >> Another drawing by Robert DeJesus. Who is quickly becoming one of my favorite manga artists!

Gravity Falls Stuff by on @deviantART

Gravity Falls Stuff by on deviantART. Some Gravity Falls. Geez, I need to quit drawing Mermando, but he the best. I also tried drawing Soos, Wendy.