Success. #19 is perfect!

21 suggestions for success. I don't think we should base ALL our happiness on the person we marry, but I also don't think this was the spirit of the "suggestion" either. Love this list.

Jewelry organizer made out of drawer pulls and nobs.

This is the perfect jewelery holder! It's just a cork board covered in a burlap sack accented with a little ribbon and the jewelry is hanging on dresser knobs . This one ups my Corkboard jewelry holder.

Corner:  Where nobody puts baby. Necklace.

Hilarious 😂 Dirty Dancing quote "Nobody puts Baby in the corner" 😁

pumpkin wreath for fall

Pumpkin Wreath, Autumn Wreath,The Pumpkin Patch, Personalized Fall Front Door Decor, Burlap Ribbon How many Pumpkins are in your Pumpkin Patch?


Tea cup wine glass how to! I would use a clear glass teacup. Wonder how the stems hold up? Would use a wine glass with thicker stem.

i really want this on a shirt for my brother

Everything in life has the potential to be funny. STOP hating smartasses. Smartasses seize the moment when you are too busy being uptight. LIGHTEN UP. Born with a smirk. Smartass for life.* * And sarcasm rules, too.


Head board covered with BURLAP! I need a new headboard and we should still have TONS of burlap

This is pretty cool - click on body part you want to exercise and it will give you a plan!

I've never seen a site like this. you click the body part you want to work on and it tells you easy exercises you can do at home!

How to empty out and clean a light bulb to use as a vase or candle holder.

Maria Escobar,remember the bulbs we saw for gardening? here is how to clean the bulbs! How to empty out and clean a light bulb! To fill with other wonderful things.

Burlap Wreath

Burlap and red, for a WInter/Christmas wreath. Also saw an orange and black for Halloween. You could make these for every holiday and season :)