Pope Benedict XVI

The pope is very important to Malachy because he was raised Irish Catholic, at one point the bottom floor of their house floods and Malachy says they have to leave the pope there because they had already moved him too much.

Cardinal Burke

however the cardinals are being divinely spanked as they have no longe coatteil for serving the wrong papalcy hence the curling of the divine branches staffs. at Cardinal Burke

Bishop Alexander Sample

fatherangel: “ Bishop Alexander Sample of Marquette, Michigan ordains deacons and subdeacons for the Institute of Christ the King according to the Extraordinary (Tridentine).

SSPX bishop Bernard Fellay

Talks with traditionalist group hits end of road--After doctrinal deadlock, especially on validity of the Second Vatican Council, Vatican warns group of ‘rupture with painful and incalculable consequences’ By Austen Ivereigh - OSV Newsweekly,

SSPX Bishop Fellay

SSPX Bishop Fellay

Cardinal James Francis McIntyre, Archbishop of Los Angeles

Cardinal James Francis McIntyre, Archbishop of Los Angeles

Cardinal Ildefonso Schuster

the far sight Blessed Ildefonso Cardinal Schuster OSB

Bishop Alexander Sample wearing miter and chasuble

Archbishop Sample of Portland, Oregon. Note the episcopal gloves.