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Garrick Baxter
Garrick Baxter
Garrick Baxter

Garrick Baxter

We are a family of six. We are big fans of Huskers football and the Boston Red Sox. We love Omaha! I work in e-commerce marketing at Oriental Trading Company

The Joyful Elf - Children's Christmas book

We're celebrating April Drools Day! Just upload a photo to our Facebook Page and tell your friends to come like it! The top 2 photos with the most "likes" win! 1st prize is an Andis 7 Piece Pro Animal Clipper Kit. 2nd prize is a 16 oz bottle of Vetericyn. Contest ends 04/11 at 4pm CDT. Prizes, full details and rules are on our website: www.lambertvetsup...

Feeling refreshed after a glass of Internet lemonade from www.internet-lemo.... #SummerUp

A WebmasterWorld thread has discussion around one word - the word "useful." Netmeg said it in a thread and senior member...

How to throw a "girls day in" party with Oriental Trading - One Dress. Six Styles. | Nordstrom

Fourth Of July Infographic from Oriental Trading Co.

Fourth Of July Infographic from Oriental Trading Co.

Final Performance? (BDD / Mike Briggs Illustration) Looks Like Sid Has Been Kidding Us All Along Penguins Still Waiting for Sidney Crosby to Put Imprint on Series

Friday Night Fright? (BDD Photo Illustration / B. Delehanty) Could Be Another Horror Show For Pittsburgh

Pens Look Well Done (BDD / Frank Galasso Illustration)

Intentional Wallop (Jim Davis / Globe Staff) That's the Ortiz Of Old. Snap, Crackle, Papi. Boston 6, Texas 3 | Ortiz Strikes Deep in the Heart of Texas Big Poppin' ... That's the Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous as %#&! We'll Take Iglesias Over Andrus and Save the $120 Million, Thanks But We'll Also Take Back Adrian Beltre, The One That Got Away There's No Place Like Gomes, The Best .202 Hitter In Baseball

(BDD / Frank Galasso Illustration

One Tough Righthander (Jim Davis / Globe Staff) Mery Daniels Is Making Boston Stronger

Jeffin A (Jim Davis / Globe Staff) Bauman Gets a Big Win at Fenway Tuesday Night The Man Who IDd the Marathon Bombing Suspects Throws a Perfect Strike Phillies 3, Red Sox 1 | Sox Bats Fall Off Cliff The Real Smartest Fans in Baseball Let Money Bags Papelbon Hear It ... Just Like They Did When He Choked Away the 2009 and 2011 Seasons Dempster Better, But Not Good Enough to Outduel Lefty Lee Ship Pap Up to Boston at Trade Deadline? No Thank You Why Cant Every Game Be Over in 2:30?

How Sweep It Is (AP) While You Were Focused on the Bruins, The Red Sox Ripped Off Five Straight Boston 5, Minnesota 1 | No Raining on Sox Parade Thats the Lackey Theo Thought He Was Getting for $82.5 Million Just In: White Sox Fans Beg Dan Shaughnessy to Write New David Ortiz Column

Grand Scheme (BDD / MAGUIRE) In the Big Inning, Stephen Drew Came Through Boston 9, Gong Show 2 | Price Marked Down Again Lester the Stopper Stays Unbeaten With 2 Run, 8 Hit Effort The Price Goes Down Every Day Ellsbury Checks In With His 1-for-4 Gomes is the Best .188 Hitter in MLB Today Sore Winners: Middlebrooks, Ortiz Its bound to turn around. -- Red Sox shortstop Stephen Drew

Clay Nation (Getty Images) The AL Pitcher of the Month Will Receive a Specially Designed Trophy, Suitably Engraved, for His Accomplishment Boston 10, Toronto 1 | You Cant Spell Clay Without Cy Did You See Those Home Runs Hacksaw Hit? Middlebrooks Gets Over Mendoza Line Stephen Drew on the Rise Everyday Mike Carp? Yes, Pedroia Singled

Why Not Us? (BDD / Mike Briggs Illustration) Just Dont Let Them Win Tonight ...

Lack in the Saddle Again (Jim Rogash / Getty Images) Arm and Hammer: Lackey, Ortiz Lead Sox to Sweep of Hapless Astros Boston 6, Houston 1 As Expected Since February, Red Sox Have the Best Record in MLB on April 29 Everyone in the Media Had the Sox Tying a Club Record for Wins in April Best Team Ever? It feels good. Its been a long time. Its been a lot of hard work to get back to this point and hopefully we can keep it rolling forward... The elbows fine. I was relieved probably to know I

Feat of Clay (AP) Move Over Pedro, Roger, and Josh, Another Ace Is Having a Monster April in Boston Boston 7, Houston 2 | Houston, You Have a Big Papi Problem Red Hot Sox Have Won 10 of 13 Last couple of years Ive been a slow starter, so it feels good to be out there and have a little bit of confidence early on, and that helps a lot. Guys are playing well behind me. Things are going right. -- Clay Buchholz, starting like the 07 Beckett