More ideas from Gary A Genius Way to Grow Peppers & Tomatoes in Buckets (Self-Watering) - The Alaska Grow Bucket design is based on a Sub Irrigated Planter (SIP) that irrigates from below your plants and depends on a wicking medium to draw water up to the plant roots. -- A water source and a soilless mix with the correct properties is necessary. The mix used here is Sphagnum peat moss, Perlite, Vermiculite, dolomitic limestone, wetting agent, and Mycorrhizae (commercial Pro-Mix BX).

With these grow buckets you can grow tomatoes, peppers and any number of plants with very minimal effort.

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DIY star projector. Way cool.

The DIY Romantic Star Projector from Infmetry looks almost too good to be true. For those of us living within city limits, this is the closest we can come to a starry night without having to travel to the country side. And yeah, it is pretty romantic.