I have been a diabetic for 4 years. This is the first serum that I have ever used in my life. I always use lotions - creams but most of them irritate more than help my dry itchy skin. My arms & legs have itched to the point of me scratching until sometimes I would bleed. Nothing I tried would stop the itching for long. I applied this serum and immediately I felt a huge sigh of relief as my skin was soothed & calmed. I cannot overstate how very pleased I am with how amazingly good my skin loo...

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No matter your budget, with today’s flooring you have several good options. The new types of laminate flooring give you an authentic wood look that’s very affordable. Engineered hardwood costs a little more, but it looks terrific and is easy to install. Solid hardwood costs the most, but it’s hard to beat the luxury of a hardwood floor. Browse The Home Depot’s selection of flooring for all rooms and all budgets.

Hardwood Flooring - Hard Wood Floors & Wood Flooring


Quilled Hot Air Balloon Adventure

Quilled Hot Air Balloon Adventure — Products & Gadgets


Cute idea for baby's footprint at Christmas time! Maybe try making into an ornament.

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5 Essential Oil Blends To Make Your House Smell Like Fall | HelloNatural.co

5 Essential Oil Blends To Make Your House Smell Like Fall | HelloNatural.co


50 uses for vinegar around the house, laundry, office, car, garden, for beauty, health, and pets | DIY House Cleaning Ideas | Home Remedies | Natural Cleaning

50+ Uses for Vinegar - House car garden beauty health pets office


Photo (via Bloglovin.com )

Photo (Death by Elocution)


I can do all of these in a hour or two. Five simple tasks you do every month to stretch your time and money in a new month! debt free debt freedom #debt #debtfree #savemoney

5 Things You Should Do at the Beginning of Every Month


How to Sell What You Make


How To Use Baking Soda To Reduce Dark Circles And Bags Under The Eyes

How To Use Baking Soda To Reduce Dark Circles And Bags Under The Eyes


Lazy Budget Chef: 17 Things You Should Buy From Dollar Tree by the Case to Save Money

17 Things to Buy at the Dollar Store by the Case


115 WAYS TO BE A BETTER MOM IN 2015! Amazing article for EVERY mom - full of incredible ideas to help you become the best mom possible!

115 Ways to Be a Better Mom in 2015 - Today's the Best Day


New Hampshire Home Poster Print (http://www.keepcalmcollection.com/new-hampshire-home-poster-print/)

New Hampshire Home Poster Print


Make $100/day selling your unwanted clothes. Click to install free app now. Featured in Cosmopolitan, The New York Times and Good Morning America.

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What could you do with an extra $1050... Pay off debt? Save for a new car? Develop an emergency fund? Use this 2015 Money Challenge to help you get there!

2015 Money Challenge (Save $1050 in 2015!)


The Pinterest 100: Fitness & health; "No excuses" workouts that you can fit into any schedule.

A One-and-Done Workout: Burn Calories and Build Strength


Wondering what will be trending on Pinterest during 2016? Check out the Pinterest Top 100 for 2016, with the top ten pins across the top ten categories.

2016 Pinterest Trend Predictions: The Pinterest Top 100


I <3 Basenji's! For all of you that are confused when I tell you what Bailey is, watch this Dogs 101- Basenji summary from Animal Planet!

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Kennel Kingwanas - Basenjis since 1998

Basenjis since 1998


Love this! Me and my two GSD's love to train daily! Training creates a great bond, and a well-mannered dog.

Effect Of Training In The Dog Brain | Visual.ly


Throwing One Back | Community Post: 34 Things That Make Basenjis Happy

Community Post: 34 Things That Make Basenjis Happy


Goodbye Hair! 23 Dogs That Don't Shed: Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds - http://go.homesalive.ca/blog/bid/320916/Dogs-That-Don-t-Shed-23-Hypoallergenic-Dog-Breeds

Blog - Dogs That Don't Shed: 23 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds


Sadie - german shorthaired pointer lab mix

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beagle lab mix puppies - Google Search

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Husky/Lab mix

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