♂ Quotes about being a gentleman - "Manners matter. Good looks are a bonus. Humor is a must" ~ ecogentleman

♂ Quotes about being a gentleman - manners matter good looks are a bonus humor is a must - ecogentleman

She is everything else.

A fighter with a soft smile and sharp edge.And you won't know what to make of a black rose surviving on its own.

cmysoul: “ ” “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”

Instead of letting the wind knock us down,we held on to each other and kept our roots strong. Of course life happens,but that's what make us stronger. And it helps that the passion between us is better than ever!

Love without judgment, forgive without fear, stand your ground with integrity. Leave behind what does not matter, to reach for who You truly are . . . ~ Soul wolf

Love without judgment Forgive without fear Stand your ground with integrity Leave behind what does not matter To reach for who you truly are .

Which is why we both love eachother beyond measure. And will continue to do so no matter what ANYONE says or does.

This absolutely completely defines me. alfa couldn't have said it better than my heart

Oh girl, you know i'd do anything for a southern gentleman who say things like 'sweetheart' and 'darlin'.

A pet peeve of mine. the complaints of a run ragged stay at home mom. try being a single mother with a full time job. Or just a mother with a full time job. I've done both and can tell you which is more difficult.

But you do it anyway...because it's right to

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The thing that set me apart from the women before me was empathy. I felt his pain like it was my own. I knew he didn't intend to hurt me... it  wasn't intentional at all. He wanted to love, but he needed to be shown that he was worthy. And the only way I knew to  do that... was to stay. ©Alfa  #alfa #quote #poem

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Strip for me But stay fully clothed It's your mind I want exposed; not your body

Someone posted a whisper in the group Things Only An INFJ Will Understand, which reads "Strip for me But stay fully clothed It's your mind I want exposed;

Advice from The Wolf. AND This Advice is Why Humans and Wolves should have Such A Deep Connection <3

Advice from a Wolf Frameable Art Postcard This is good advice for all of us to live by.


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