Go Go boots - had a white pair similar to these!

Wet look boots. Some people call these go-go boots, but I remember those as being ankle-high white boots that zipped up the back (at the heel).

This really brings back memories!

Twiggy in Mary Quant coral red pink tent dress a-line vintage style mod mid century designer fashion style color photo print ad model magazine

Nothing new, my Mother did this for me back in the early 60's.

Honeysuckle off the shoulder top

simple sewing DIY to help shirts that slide off your shoulders! Sew snap into inside hem of shirt and clasp it around your bra strap. Also helpful for bra straps that always seem to fall down even when tightened.

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love.inspire.create: in De Stijl

Week 10 Pop art dress Using image from popular artists Vintage Sixties Mondrian Dress Saint Laurent's 1965 "Mondrian dress", which was inspired by the work of the painter, Piet Mondrian.

Jan Stewart in Simona fashion - 1966 - Sportsgirl - Styling by Hazel Benini - Photo by Bruno Benini - Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

Fab studio shot of model Jan Stewart in a striking Mondrian inspired dress. Photograph taken by Bruno Benini in 1966

100 popular: Twiggy Hairstyle 60s ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring photos

Twiggy by Barry Lategan in 1966 - the picture which made her career. Love her style, short hair and big eyes!

Fiona Campbell-Walter in Courrèges, 1968. Photo by David Bailey. (♥)

A Bouffant & Peter Pan Collar Fiona Campbell-Walter (Baroness Fiona Thyssen-Bornemisza) photographed by David Bailey for Vogue UK February 1968

Dress styles of the 60's

Sewing the - Dressing the Decade. A study on sewing patterns, year by year High quality Vintage maps. I definitely love the 1960 and 1961 style!

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1960 The girl in the striped dress is wearing a hairstyle my friend May wore all through middle school. The clothes take me right back to those days. I loved the clothes we wore in the

Twiggy ❤️  1960's

Twiggy, photographed by Bert Stern, 1967 - born Lesley Hornby, Twiggy was a fashion icon of the (I remember at 18 and weighing all of 98 lbs. I stopped eating dinner for a few days to weigh 94 lbs. like Twiggy!

I shudder to think I actually dressed like this. I'm sure if I could have matched the nap on the skirt, I would have made it. Knee socks were obligatoire

Mod - Lime / I had outfits just like this.in lime too. I even had lime nylons. I had a mini skirt in these colours and a dress in this style but with orange, pink , lime and white. Mum made the dress for me.

60's style | Tumblr

I would so rock this dress.Michelle says: I happen to have this same style and vintage dress hanging in my closet!


London, Model Patti Boyd & actor Tom Courtenay share an umbrella in the rain ~A picture is worth a thousand words.