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A girl holds a Bokken (Wooden Sword). Martial arts uses a man's hakama, even for women. One notable exception to this practice is archery.

Aikido Bokken: The bokken is basically wooden katana sword. it's used in practice "supposedly" to prevent injury to the user or damage to a real sword. Believe me when I say that getting hit by one F***ING HURTS!

Aikido (Name unknown)

Iaido - This is a "soft" martial art. Basically, Iaido consists of learning "To Draw The Sword". It's harder than it looks and you haven't felt pain until you've been whacked on the arms with a bokken!


Midnight sketch turned out to be a worthy of couple of hours lol.

How to fold a karate gi. It makes it very compact and easy to carry. It looks like a lot of steps, but it's really quick once you get the hang of it.

How to fold a karate gi. It makes it very compact and easy to carry. Maybe I should start packing mine like so.

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This post is dedicated to all the Brave, Dedicated and Hardworking Women practicing Martial Arts all around the world. Many martial art.