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Gatsby Menswear is truly the best independent store for luxurious clothing in the Home Counties. This is a small collection of sights & sounds which inspire us

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Pale suit? Let the shirt pop. #menswear

Smart color combination is key. Shirt by American Eagle, Tie by The Tie Bar. Spring 2013 omg love the color of it aswell

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig is James Bond. "Looking good in a suit" is one of the requirements to be James Bond.

Michael Fassbender

New York Times T Style Men's Fall 2009 : Michael Fassbender by Jean-Baptiste Mondino

Daniel Craig

James Bond, Daniel Craig, suit, weapon x 1199 px] - People/Actors and actresses - Pictures and wallpapers

The Great Gatsby

Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby are walking. Daisy, played by Carey Mulligan in a gorgeous purple lace dress with a simple barrette on her bob hair. / The Great Gatsby Rocks back the Flapper Fashion / Lisa Taylor on Fuseink

Trust the Italians. #cucinelli

white or pink tie? Trust the Italians to Think of This One pocket square, two colors of piping. Style ingenuity from the country that knows suits best. Pocket square, by Brunello Cucinelli. Sports jacket, by Polo Ralph Lauren.

Baby Spinach Salad with Avocado, Tomato, Lemon, and Salt and Pepper

I could eat this at every meal – Baby spinach avocado tomato lemon salt and pepper. I could eat this at every meal – Baby spinach avocado tomato lemon salt…

Disco Globe

18 DIY World Globe Crafts! Do you believe in globe-al recycling? My boy would love this. He loves globes and disco balls

Christian Bale

christian bale = christian grey in my head. probably due to his role in American Psycho.

Crocket & Jones

Crockett & Jones – Clifford, Courtesy of Rugged Old Salt A reader recently asked me a question that I found to be quite pertinent to the interest of the average shoe purchaser who may not have …