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The Untold Story about the Destruction of Families at the Hands of CPS - The practice of many Child Protective Agencies around the country is to take children immediately and sort it all out later, but at what cost? Countless lives are being destroyed, and untold damage is being done to thousands of children by the very system that was designed to protect them. Families are being ripped apart and children are being taken a

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Read about the Adoption and Safe Families Act and how it effects children in foster care

"Police said there is a history of CPS calls and code enforcement issues at the house. KIRO 7 also learned staff at the school one of the children attends had called CPS as well, noting the child missed a lot of school, and usually came hungry and unkempt."

"The agency that oversees child welfare in Washington wants to hire nearly 100 more child protection workers. But the budget request comes after years of lawsuits that cost the state more than $150 million. Now the question is whether Washington’s Department of Social and Health Services has taken adequate steps to learn from child welfare cases that went awry."

The parents of three young children are petitioning child protective services, saying the state of Washington unlawfully removed the children from their home after the mother gave birth to the two youngest in an unassisted home delivery.

Why Did Officials Take Away This Couple’s Disabled Son?

A pair of Washington parents who have spent two years documenting the myriad medical ailments of their son Bubby Everson, 9, on Facebook, are now fighting their biggest battle of all: against Child Protective Services, for custody of their boy. Brandi and Thomas Everson stand accused of “caregiver fabricated illness."

It's true - Angela Borths' daughter is short. So is she - just under 5 feet tall. In fact, being short runs in the family. But that didn't stop her pediatrician from allegedly reporting her to Child Protection Services (CPS.) The petite mother has now had her 3 youngest children taken by the state of Oregon on grounds of