Can it be two stories with a rolling ladder?

"Some girls dream of a big walk-in-closet in their bedroom. I want a walk-in-library in mine." That does it, I'm turning my walk-in-closet into a walk-in-library.

I'm in love, no doubt!

Whaddya Say when I tell you "I believe in love at first sight.because I'm a Mom and a MeeMaw. It happens again, you fall in love at first sight when you see your grandchild, I so did, my Sara ♡Love it's Love♡

✯ Love Yellow Roses

Yellow Rose Of Texas - Ludmila Yilmaz - Photo Galaxy Garden: Flowers & Plants (A gorgeous yellow rose with water droplets on it.

So True :)

My favorite person in the whole world is my best momma :) I love her more than life itself

Books, wine, fruit, weather, and music!

Books, wine, fruit, weather, and music! yes the firsts time I went to Paris I stayed in a little pensione in the center of things and each night there was a small jazz band playing outside on the sidewalk

Not only the paper has to be perfectly aligned, but the staple has to be placed in the corner diagonally! I'm only this way with my paperwork & money - not with anything else!!

Funny pictures about Nerd Quirk. Oh, and cool pics about Nerd Quirk. Also, Nerd Quirk photos.

Me - Everything but paperwork & money

Je perds tout !


May you always have a Shell in your Pocket and Sand in your Toes.LOVE this quote for the Beach House.inspiration only

Love New Jersey

Greetings from NEW JERSEY NJ Post Card. Send your friend a Vintage Postcard from the Jersey Shore, it's special.