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The Jam. Cover of Down in the tube station at midnight. In my opinion THE greatest song ever written!


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Bauhaus : godfathers of Goth or the ultimate post punk band - an appreciation - Louder Than War


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Maybe this means that Negan does not kill Glenn in the AMC version!!
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A comparison of who's died in 'The Walking Dead': Comics vs. TV

An illustrated guide to who dies in 'The Walking Dead'

"Punk is musical freedom. It's saying, doing, and playing what you want. In Webster's terms, 'nirvana' means freedom from pain, suffering, and the external world, and that's pretty close to my definition of punk rock." - Kurt Cobain

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I think the whole "keep calm" thing is WAY overdone, but... I kinda need this.


With its simple black and white lettering recalling Ivor Arbiter's famous Beatles design, Oasis' trademark logo has appeared on all of the band's album covers, apart from 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants' (where it was replaced by a transparent effort designed by guitarist Gem Archer) and forthcoming release 'Dig Out Your Soul'

64 beautiful band logos

2 Tone Records was an English record label that mostly released ska and reggae influenced music with a punk rock and pop music overtone. Jerry Dammers of the ska revival band The Specials started the record label in 1979. It spawned the 2 Tone music and cultural movement, which was popular among skinheads, rudies and some mod revivalists. The label stopped operating in 1986.

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