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Kelcey Smith
Seattle / Apparently the only dude on Pinterest.
Kelcey Smith
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One year I asked Santa for a pony. I got a toy bulldozer. The next year I forged letters to Santa signed by the nicest people in the world.

Drinking games

I'm playing a new drinking game.


i miss kansas - i miss the rains down in Africa - Wizard of Oz - Dorothy and Toto ----just to add onto this, it's i BLESS the rains down in Africa-----

Happy Crappy!

Happy Crappy!

Trek yourself

This Trek Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself shirt is a funny parody of the pop culture quote. The Trek Yourself t-shirt will remind Trekkies to stay in line and respect their fellow Vulcans.

Can't Remember Who That Present is For?

No one ever remembers my birthday (doctor who humor) this actually makes me really sad, I feel bad for the little silence.


Can you find your favorite Ghibli character in this portrait of Miyazaki Hayao? Tribute by a brilliant artist commemorating Miyazaki Hayao's retiremet. A lot of his animation was the life of my childhood