Paper plate and clothespin Menorah - easy Chanukah craft!

Paper Plate Menorah

Handmade Hanukkah: 25 Hanukkah Crafts to Make With Kids

Handmade Hanukkah: 25 Hanukkah Crafts to Make With Kids

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, but this year so is Hanukkah! Start getting your family in the spirit with this fun handprint menorah craft.

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Paper Plate Menorah (Don't know how we'll have time for all these crafts, but I like the idea.)

Instead do 7 candles like the Bible states.Things to Make and Do, Crafts and Activities for Kids - The Crafty Crow: Hanukah Crafts

Chanukah Handprint Menorah - not Jewish, but CUTEST Hannukah craft I've seen - and I taught Preschool for a looong time!

Chanukah Handprint Menorah Perfect cards for grandparents, one kid on each side of the paper

Happy Hanukkah! Fun Holiday Crafts to Make with the Kids

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could use this to hide for blind contour drawings!

Spin-Art Dreidel

Maybe write the four dreidel letters (nun, gimel, hay, shin) on the CD to use as a dreidel for a colorful game!- it's like spinning atop

Hanukkah kids craft watercolor dreidels

My kids had a great time painting these simply lovely watercolor dreidels last night, and the results are fantastic! We'll use our watercolor dreidels to make a hanukkah garland, a simple mobile or as elements in an as of yet.

Get the kids to help light the menorah without worrying about burned fingers! This adorable Hanukkah craft is fun easy and perfect for little ones!

With just a week until the Festival of Lights begins, I wanted to share a few simple Hanukkah craft projects. The first one comes from Onc.

menorah for celebration of feasts of the Lord, no we are not jewish as we believe in Yeshua(Jesus) the Messiah but we do celebrate biblical feasts.Good craft for Faith when she gets older

Kids DIY - This would be awesome to make the original menorah with 7 branches too! Macaroni Menorah for Hanukkah Materials Dry macaroni Dry lentils White glue Cotton bud Red crepe paper Cardboard