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Medieval Crafts - Card/Tablet Weaving

thewarpfactor.blo... Warp: White silk Weft: Really thin white silk Brocade weft: #5 Kreinik jap Pattern: brocade Cards: 42 Width: 2.3cm Length: 44cm Lavet ud fra et billede

Tablet weaving: same pattern, two ways to make it.

Beading edges during warp-faced weaving.

Twill tablet woven belt - the source website is a great resource.

Tablet Weaving Patterns 2

Hallstatt Tablet Weaving

Border pattern from the cauldron cloth of Hochdorf ca. 500 bc material wool tablet woven by aisling

Bild 09 / Image 09

many woven belt design patterns

Tablet weaving!... My nice pattern ;)

Tablet Weaving Patterns 4 by ~eqos on deviantART

Vintage Step-by-Step Tablet Weaving book. Never came across this one.

Techniques of Tablet Weaving Weaving Book Author: Peter Collingwood 320 pp (paper, b) ISBN number:1566590558 This 320 page manual presents the most complete instructional and historical documentation of tablet weaving ever contained in one book. These techniques are categorized into 17 weave structures with chapters devoted to each. Close-up photographs, pattern drafts, and step-by-step diagrams illustrate each technique. In addition to providing historical background, the text inclu

Lovely tablet weaving. Patterns are on this site as a word .doc.

Egyptian diagonals - tablet weaving

Missed hole technique

Tablet woven by Bettina Eichhorn

Missing Hole technique

Tablet and Inkle Weaving TabletWeaver Software

Weaving Video: Learn Tablet Weaving Techniques and More, Handwoven |

Loom weight for tablet weaving. Apparently from an exhibit dedicated to the Merovingian queen Arégonde at the Musée d'Archéologie nationale in Saint-Germain-en-Laye