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Medieval Garb - Embellishment

Medieval Garb - Embellishment

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1300-1350. Detail of the Cope of Pius II. The Cope was donated to Pope Piccolomini at Pienza Cathedral in 1462. Currently in the Diocesan Museum, Pienza.

Lancelot du Lac (Belgique, Hainaut, XIVe siècle), Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, Fr.122, f°146, « Guenièvre et Bohort l’Essilié ». DOSSIER ICONOGRAPHIQUE


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Garb for a 12th Century Lady

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Garb for a 12th Century Lady

12_3.jpg (280×334) Border of brocade attached to petticoat. Common period practice, it appears you have a lot fancier clothing than you can really afford and you don't waste expensive fabric where no one can see.

A Female Saint, possibly St. Margaret, Pietro Lorenzetti (1306-1348) Musee de Tesse, Le Mans, France

It's stem, and chain with satin stitch over the bottom of the yoke.

The red Pisa dress, seen from different angles. #1. Main info on this at

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De-Bling-ification: working with metallic trims for authentic looking gowns

American Duchess: Going Baroque: De-Bling-ification

14th c. MMA. Check out the hem!

Manuscript Bodmer 78 Historia destructionis Troiae Folio 28r Dating 1370 From Venice, Italy Holding Institution Fondatio...

Fashionably Medieval: Bodmer 78 Historia destructionis Troiae

Super Simple embroidery technique, just a chain stitch with either a running or couching stitch to outline. Neato!

Le Roman de la Rose (University of Chicago Library ), c. 1365

Closeup of sleeve. Madder dyed silk embroidery thread and small pearls.

SCA Garb - Attaching trim to a neckline. I don't know why I have such a hard time with this...

This would be a great pattern to use on the under gown I'm embroidering.

Machine Embroidery for Garb - Yarn Couching

Running Stitch created this beautiful embroidery.

Don’t Underestimate the Stitch – Needle’

Sleeve detail

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Plaque from a Reliquary Shrine Date: ca. 1186 Geography: Made in Cologne, Germany Culture: German. Embroidery inspiration?

Simple design but well executed.

Keyhole neckline - really like the facing and trim. From Gwen Erin Natural Fibers blog.

Blog | gwen erin natural fibers - Part 27

Idea for embroidery placement. (The Hall of Heorot: Archive - Oct 2, 2012)

Trim around the neckline is simply amazing: It's stem, and chain with satin stitch over the bottom of the yoke.