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Medieval Garb - Houppelande

Medieval Garb - Houppelande

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William Willoughby (1410)

Effigies & Brasses: William Willoughby (1410)

Eroi ed eroine 1420 circa Musei italiani

The Nine Worthies and the Nine Worthy Women, Detail of Teuta, C.1418-30 Giacomo Jaquerio

The Nine Worthies and the Nine Worthy Women, Detail of Teuta, C.1418-30 Lámina giclée por Giacomo Jaquerio en

1440 This is a saint, I can't remember which one, but it's the same one with the plate of boobs. (you've seen that portrait, don't pretend you haven't)

Lucca, Ilaria Del Carretto. The face of Ilaria del Carretto from her tomb, sculpted by Jacopo della Quercia. Ilaria del Carretto (1379 – 8 December 1405) was an Italian noblewoman and the second wife of Paolo Guinigi, the lord of Lucca from 1400 to 1430. She died in Lucca at the age of twenty-six after giving birth to her daughter. Her marble sarcophagus is now located in the Cathedral of San Martino in Lucca. She reclines peacefully with a dog, symbol of fidelity, at her feet.

Schachzabel, early 15th century

Medieval silk brocade houppelande of early 15th by LadyMalinaCom. Just HAD to pin this, even if it is for a guy. Stupendous.

2003 DEVONSHIRE HOUPPELANDE 1400'S Another fancy two-horned buckram hennin with a stiff, lined, dagged veil, a highly decorated folly collar and a brocade belt to complete the outfit. The gown was based on those from the Devonshire tapestries in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London; the headpiece on one from the Heroes and Heroines fresco in the Manta Castle in Italy.

Historical Costumes Part 2

Houpelande of Jan Zhorelecky made from velvet. Usually worn with belt and decorated with fur, 1396

Front of the houppelande of Jan Zhořelecký (died 1396).

Seems to be a photo of the *back* of the houppelande of Jan Zhořelecký (died 1396). From a seminar given by Milena Bravermanová

Dutch count in long Houppelande by medievalarchive, via Flickr


Ilaria del Carretto, quarta mulher e esposa do Senhor de Lucca, Paolo Guinigi.

ca. 1416 statue of Jeanne de Boulogne, Duchess of Berry (c.1378-c.1424), by Jean de Cambrai (d.1438), currently situated in the Bourges Cathedral

4. The 14th century houppelande.

The World's Best Photos of houppelande - Flickr Hive Mind

Lady Elizabeth, Oxfordshire North Leigh by jmc4 - Church Explorer, via Flickr Cloak clasps and another livery collar. and that padded roll

Places to find patterns - plus I love the dagging on her sleeves!

A longer (girl) version of this would be lovely to throw on at events on cold evenings. My next houppelande (what am I talking about? I haven't finished the first one!) MUST have dagged sleeves!

Lenora Gewandungen

Santa Eulalia, Pedro Serra, ff. XIV, Museo Diocesano de Segorbe Spanish Houppelande (Hopalanda) 14th c


houppelande pattern

Women's Garb - An Overview

Women's Garb - An Overview

Cecily Neville, Duchess of York....married to Richard of York, and mother of kings Edward IV and Richard III.


Maestro di Ulmer, Banchetto di Erode, 1405 c.,Ulmeru,Munster--- belli i cavalletti

Gaston Phoebus's Livre de la chasse; Paris, France, ca. 1406