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Clinton to stage major rally, will vow to back working Americans – Hillary Clinton stages the first big rally of her presidential campaign on Saturday, casting herself as a fighter for ordinary Americans and build a clearer case for why she wants to lead the country... #DLU_US! #democraticprimarychallengers #democrats #educatedvoters

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Alabama Proves Voter ID Laws Are Racist - Democratic Liberal Umbrella – Voter ID Laws: Before gutting the Voting Rights Act, Chief Justice John Roberts asked if “the citizens of the South are more racist than the citizens of the North?” #africanamerican #alabama #alabamavotingrights

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No 2 GOP on Twitter: "The Official Seal of Donald Trump's United States Republican Party #NeverGOP #UniteBlue #p2"

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Robert L Gallimore #DLU_US! the Democratic party Loves yoU_USa! Join the conversations!

‘What part of democracy are they afraid of?’ Good question! – What part of democracy are they afraid of is a great question that needs answered! #chrischristie #DLU_US! #elections #hillaryclinton

Hillary Clinton won't have to fight Obama's battles on health care - Democratic Liberal Umbrella – If Hillary Clinton takes the oath of office in 2017, she’ll inherit a seven years old health care reform law, thanks in part to Thursday’s Supreme Court ruling… #barackobama #democrats #election2016 #DLU_US!

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