101 Most Beautiful Places To Visit Before You Die! (Part I) ((Tahiti, French Polynesia)) Tahiti, it's a beautiful place


Such a fun summer backyard idea for little girls to have their little tea parties, read books, paint nails, and enjoy the sun. this is a must do for blakely and future daughters


black and white trees reflection

yes please!

The village of Loutro on the Greek island of Crete by Peace Correspondent, this is onre of my favorite places the water is breathtakingly beautiful.


I love this picture. As beautiful photography and great lighting for our project. I love the fog that gives the whole picture a blended and soft look to it. The atmostphere seems so somber, and i know the mood for our scene is quite the opposite


Waiting At The Rail Road Bridge, I'm coming babe, just wait a little longer I promise this time!


Stairway in Autumn, Vanderbilt University - Nashville, TN I had one of my wedding portraits taken in front of these stairs. It is a beautiful building


de-preciated: “ (via / The Sun & Shadows 太陽と影 by Kent Shiraishi) The wonderful scenery of Hokkaido during winter is made by hills, trees, snow, the sun and shadows. Moreover, you can see.

Tulip Forest, Willhem, The Netherlands.

Tulip Forest, Willhem, The Netherlands photo via iheartloons great perspective

Dandelion Sunset

It is things that are as beautiful as this that remind me that God loves beauty. God created beautifully, no accident could do this. That is one of the many reasons that I know there is a God.

Tahiti overwater bungalow

French Polynesia, Moorea, Woman sunbathing and relaxing floating on tropical water daydreaming. I wanna go there


Beautiful picture of clouds, sun, and water. This is a great picture to include when talking about the sun heating up the water!

A house on the lake... dream!

Learn how to design a relaxing house. Decorator Thom Filicia knew exactly how to decorate a summer cottage fit for a perfect calming vacation. For more getaway decorating ideas and home tours go to Domino.


a light shines down / yellow flower on blue background


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