Ace Csiky

Ace Csiky

I'm fourteen and I am dedicated to God and fitness. To become a better version of myself and to inspire others! Future nutritionist and personal trainer 💪🏼
Ace Csiky
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Getting after it!

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Gym Humor

Haha I have a higher tolerance for two scoops than Zack does. That poor guy wigs out.

Paleo fitness/ crossfit/ weights & lifting

Great quote - I am a girl. I don´t smoke, drink or party every weekend. I don´t sleep around or start drama to get attention. Yes, we do still exist. I lift.

Even Fitness competitors don't look shredded year round. | Strong body, Strong mind. Get fit without losing your sanity!

The off season lie, no one wants to talk about! Andreia Brazier in her show season and off season. Let me start this post by saying this Stage Lean is addicting. To me. it’s like in the movies when you see a vampire taste blood for the fi…