Camo Newborn Camouflage

Doing this for my next baby Camo Newborn Camouflage- little hardcore but daddy would love it!

Must do lol

A funny wedding bridesmaid picture idea! Have the bride and her bridesmaids pose like the cover of the movie "Bridesmaids" Love it!


Funny Friendship Ecard: When your skinny friend says she feels fat and youre just standing there. all fat.

no big dill.

pickle jokes are just funny. every pickle joke is funny. and i don't even like pickles.

So true

Funny pictures about Difference between friends and best friends. Oh, and cool pics about Difference between friends and best friends. Also, Difference between friends and best friends photos.

Oh My! Makes me want to dress up!

For anyone who is EVER getting married - this site has AMAZING photo ideas!~ LOL too funny must have this hilarious photo at my wedding ;) way too funny

So true

Sleeping with pets

We used to have this cat that would sleep with me every night.everytime I woke up, I would be hanging half off the bed and the cat would be taking up of the space.he was a very small cat, mind you.

scarred for life

Randomly selected waste of time


what kind of a name is Stove? An appliance. You're an appliance. i have laughed more at this movie the past three days than i ever though possible!

The leader of a pack of Uruk-hai from the Lord of the Rings and a terrified child. I don't care if my kids would cry, "You're GOING to have your picture made with this orc, damnit!