FREE Set of 250 Lego Printables Cards

FREE Set of 250 Lego Printables Cards If you have a LEGO junkie, you're going to love this printable! Here's a FREE set of over 250 printable cards with building challenges for all sor If you really like arts and crafts a person will enjoy this info!

Lego Freebies: Create Your Own LEGO Mini-Figure Printable!

Free Lego Mini Fig Printable from Pow! Create your own minifig from this "generic" blank LEGO printable!

General Conference Coloring and Notes Book

Grab this General Conference coloring book, complete with 12 pages of coloring and spaces for notes or to record your favorite conference quotes.

Teacher's Pet - Premium Printable Classroom Activities & Games - Classroom Resources, games and activities for Early Years (EYFS), Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

Balloon Car

Check out this balloon powered lego car! Looks like a fun project that could become a contest between kids to see who's balloon car will go the farthest.

Safety tips for cyclists

Many of us are worried about bicycle safety. This article helps you with safety tips on how to stay safe on your ride and improve your road safety.

How to properly wear a helmet.

In case you forget how to wear your helmet, this funny cycling picture will help you. Unfortunately, it doesn't cover a backwards helmet.

Awesome LEGO Bingo Game for Kids! Free Printable

Safety tips for cyclists

The Bicycle Activity kit will provide parents and children with the important basics about bicycle safety. The kit provides age-appropriate activities.