I love sharing war stories with other retired vets.  It's a bond I'm glad I share.

I absolutely love everything about this picture. I want a giant print framed and hanging in my living room. This picture is the epitome of what America is supposed to be, and God please bless this man for representing it with such obvious joy and honor.

Star Spangled Banner, FreePrintable

Anthem Printable – More Americana

O-say does that star spangled banner yet wave, o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave. quotes, quotes about America, July Independence day, free printable

They serve too

This vet's hat is off to MWDs. We owe our lives to them. They are veterans. Salute to ALL Military Working Dog May God Bless & PROTECT you sweet Heroes! Thank you for all your dedication & hard work plus saving countless soldiers lives!

Support Our Troops!   Camouflage Nail Art

Support Our Troops! Camouflage Nail Art

Today was a very somber day for our family. We watched as my husband along with the rest of his Army National Guard company .