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Clever adapter connects USB accessories to your Android device

USB OTG adapter. Connect keyboards, USB hard drives, and gaming controllers to your Android phone or tablet. #tech #gadgets

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13 Pieces Of Tech That You Didn’t Know You Needed

These Sigmo devices can translate your voice into 25 languages, which comes in handy while traveling abroad.- This Universal Translator: | 13 Pieces Of Tech That You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Homestar Spa Night Sky Floating Projector

The Homestar Spa is waterproof and designed to float in your bathtub, spa or indoor pool. #tech #gadgets

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Liquid Plastic Welder- you can fix just about anything that's frayed, snapped or torn. It's the world's first of its kind, and is quick and easy to use. Can be used on fabric, wood, metal and plastic and is perfect for mending broken cables with wires #tech #gadgets

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Nokia FIT: Cell Phone Concept Which Fits Onto Your Finger

The device rests on the index finger like a ring and saves the ears from the continuous exposure to Bluetooth radiation.