:'( I started crying when I saw this, I still am<< don't watch little pony but still feels

Made me cry . . .

A Much Needed Lesson

I bet all of you that this is going to be a lesson in the season 4 premier

I cry at nothing on pinterest. This, this actually made me have a tear in my eye :(

Another huge comic. It's set right after Pinkie's rock farm story in Cutie Mark Chronicles. I did a differen. Carnations and Forget-Me-Nots

so sad

They Make Me Fell The Fellings(Even Thought I Don't Think Scootaloo's Dead Parents Were Ever Proven Cannon To The Show)<<<Scootaloo's parents were confirmed to be Fluttershy and Big Mac.

Pinkie's oc sad but beautiful this is exactly why pinkie is best ponie

Click the ❤️ button if u agree this is a very sweet pin

Brony Tears

Headcanon: Twilight may worry about it, but it'll never happen. Spike is too loyal to leave her.<<they've already covered this have you not watched MLP at all?

Pinkie Pie Loves Roller Coasters! - Cheezburger

Pinkie Pie Loves Roller Coasters!

Where my bronys at lol I need more my little pony friends (boys)

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