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We're thrilled to have Youtube sensation 'Sewrella' teach you how to Crochet from scratch! She shares all her tips and tricks in plain language. This is the most comprehensive guide you will find with plenty of video's to ensure you get the hang of it. You will also learn how to read Patterns. This is a MUST for beginners and experienced alike!

How to Read Crochet Patterns: A must-have article if you are learning how to crochet! Should you appreciate arts and crafts an individual will love this info!

How Psychic are You?

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The Kabbalah "Tree of Life"

This diagram shows the ten Sefirot (spheres) and the 32 paths of the “Tree of Life” in the Kabbalah as defined by the Ari (Rabbi Yitzchak Luria), considered one of the greatest Kabbalists of all


The Tree of Life resides within the Flower of Life and within our spiritual being. -> Great tools for light-workers. Flower of Life

The Cadeusus / The Tree of Life - "Here we see his full power of transcendence, whereby the lower transcendence from underworld snake-consciousness, passing through the medium of earthly reality, finally attains transcendence to superhuman or transpersonal reality in its winged flight." -- Joseph L. Henderson, "Ancient Myths and Modern Man" in  Carl Jung's Man and his Symbols

The Cadeusus / The Tree of Life. According to Walter Friedlander, in The Golden Wand of Medicine: A History of the Caduceus Symbol in Medicine, this connection can be traced back to when the U. Army adopted the caduceus as the insignia

Kabbalah: The Universal Tree of Life

Kabbalah: kabbalah in Hebrew means "receipt ; acceptance" and has been part of Judaism since early on. It is not studied until the age of after thorough study of the Torah and Talmud. True Kabbalah does not get into divination. The Universal Tree of Life

The #Menorah as a chart of the sefirot, a map of how God-energy moves inside everything.  The Jewish mystical tradition uses the map of the Sefirot to describe the intrinsic energy pattern of Creation on all levels, from the macro-cosmic to the microscopic. This "Tree of Life" is the Jewish description of the archetypal pattern – a dynamic unfolding of expressive, contracting, and balancing energies emerging from the Infinite Light of Gd. (from jewish renewal congregation

The Menorah as a chart of the sefirot, a map of how G-d's energy moves inside everything.