auburn. I may not be able to pull this off, but i really wanna dye my hair a dark redish color... We shall see Millie is doing my hair tonight this is the color were going for wish me luck in scared lol

How to care for long hair - Tips and ideas. Neat, silky and radiant long hair is undoubtedly one of the best weapons a woman can have to look more attractive and feminine. Also, having an extra long a mane means you can have a myriad of hairsty...

Bandana style! Love the beautiful look. Fashion colors. How to Wear a Bandana in Summer fashion

A beautiful hairstyle that you can wear anywhere!. Start off by brushing your hair. Now split you're hair in two sections. From one side of the hair take a small section from the back of the hair and cross it over to the other section of hair.

This song I cry every time I listen to it . I owe so much to these boys and just listening to this song lets me know they care. They don't know how much that song means to me and... They never will... (Emma Matt)

Irene Anastasia Toulston, from District She's smarter than she seems at first, and is skilled with several types of weaponry. She comes from an extended BBC Sherlock fanfiction. =)