The cuteness, it hurts.

Unbound Ferocity!

Appearance of Birman Cats.Click the picture to read

Birman Cat ,is long-haired,color pointed cat,distinguished by a silky coat and deep blue eyes and contrasting white"gloves"on each paw.A beautiful Cat:) photo by -Love Meow

Family. Life is all about you

DIY Nursery Decor: Daddy Mommy and Me hand print. Directions: a frame with a CANVAS MAT Choose different paint colors for each hand-print Put hand prints on canvas Let them dry Add the date and put in a frame.

Red Panda

Red Panda in the Snow by Smithsonians National Zoo --- saw that little guy in real life

5 Adorable and funny dressed up pets, click the pic to see all

I love you more than cookie monster loves cookies.does cookie monster need cookies to survive? I love you as much as I think cookie monster needs cookies.

Stretching fox

The red fox is the most common and widespread fox species in the world, found throughout most of the United States. Photo by Igor Shpilenok.


A curious fox, Romania. Photographer Dan Dino- so jealous, I'd love to get this close to a fox

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