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There's a difference between skinny. and fit healthy and strong. Work towards being strong and fit and healthy. Everyones healthy weight is different so din't compare. Not everyone has to look like this.

Love this pattern. Hurry up summer!

There are 2 tips to buy this swimwear: bikini bandeu top floral purple and blue belly button ring sexy.


You'll regret eating that cookie, but you won't regret running that extra mile.

Repin and Like! :)

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Start today ... it is the right day! #weightloss #fitness

it is the right day! Join my small, personal, monthly weight-loss accountability group online -- they work!

Reason to lose weight.

Raspberry Ketone: Fat-Burner in a Bottle Snatch this to look like that girl under popular pins. Meant to be amazing, just purchased some

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