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toska | Russian // Vladmir Nabokov: “No single word in English renders all the shades of toska. At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, yearning. In particular cases it may be the desire for somebody of something specific, nostalgia, love-sickness. At the lowest level it grades into ennui…

TOSKA (n.) A dull ache of the soul, a sick pining, a spiritual anguish . My New Favorite Word)

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It wanders the earth searching for another soul to pick it up. Lest the dreams and hopes of a better tomorrow fall into the wrong hands. When the dreamer dies, what happens to the dream?

How To Write A Villain That Readers Will Love To Hate

How To Write A Villain That Readers Will Love To Hate. <<brilliant advice for writing powerful, believable villains!

God Pan, protector of animals.

Hybrid creature who became a Greek 'god' - he lived in Arcadia - son of the god Hermes (prob a "fallen angel") - if this is their offspring then what did the Greek gods really look like?