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Emoji Crochet by Charles Voth! Perfect for teens!

Emoji Crochet by Charles Voth! Perfect for teens!

Crochet Tree = This lady does the most amazing crochet art I have ever seen.  Please click through to her flickr picture and read the story behind this tree and the fairy tale she wrote to go with it.  It is amazing.  Her entire photo stream is filled with beauty!

From an article in the DailyMail about yarnbombing. This is just awesome and I love it. Wish I had a tree like that in the garden. Wish someone would yarnbomb a tree in my yard.

ahhh what to do with all those scraps

Many teeny tiny flowers made into one amazing blanket. After you finish a project make a few. Then one day viola! You will have your leftover flower blanket!

This is an awesome way to use scraps!

Beautifully crocheted circle blanket, I am in love! Next project for a scrap type afghan. Need to figure out how to do this with knitting scraps. Love how they are grouped by color.