Idée pratique pour ranger les magazines.

Magazine rack, but could possibly be used to display kids art.perfect behind a door in a potty room.not sure if i like the hanger- but that could be painted

chair shop display

"Stylish chairs like those rococo armchairs used by Drew Lewis are applied to the wall and become a captivating display. More artful than really functional shelving, this idea is an eye-catching installation for a shop or show booth with plenty of space.

Le vestiaire de la brunette #2: Doux rêves

Two wall colors for your nursery, would you like us to give you a free painting estimate of this?

Cadre bijoux

Love the lace idea for jewelry hanging. Add chicken feed sack material behind frame. ~ Lace for earrings with backs. Use open frame, glue corks, cover with choice fabric, add hooks

Ce marchand à de l'humour c'est sur !

x'D It says " Push, if it doesn't work, Pull. And if it still doesn't work, It's because were closed . " (It's french btw)

Bassine etagere

Les idées déco DIY du jeudi

Bucket Wall Shelving for the Kitchen, Entry or Bathroom - Toast-House-Ilkley-bread-Remodelista

shop display

Iron beds can look very stylish in your bedroom. Mixing modern furniture with vintage iron bed will make your bedroom chic and beautiful.