Late 1930's. German, Austrian and Czechoslovakian children of Jewish descent were permitted to leave their countries and families on the Kindertransport; a train bound for Britain.  These children ranged in age from infant to 17 and were placed with families in Britain.  Many never saw their parents again.

Werner Bischof Girl at the train window, Budapest, Hungary, 1947 From Werner Bischof Pictures Thanks to liquidnight

1934-Beauty Shop in Long Beach by ozfan22, via Flickr

Shop in Long Beach matrix ? Vintage, history, hair stylist, hair salon, photo b/w.

1938-Family on the Porch by ozfan22, via Flickr

"Farm Security Farm Security Administration client who will become owner- operator under tenant purchase program." Caruthersville, Missouri, August By Russell Lee for the Farm Security Administration.

1936-Easter Sunday Newsboys by ozfan22, via Flickr

vintage everyday: Newspaper boys next vintage cars on a street in Jackson, Ohio, 1936

Whittier High School Grads, 1934 by ozfan22, via Flickr

Whittier High School Grads, 1934 by ozfan22, via Flickr