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Even the compressor section of a GE gas turbine rotor has the look & feel of a badass machine.

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This employee at a GE facility in France is INSIDE one of the many badass machines coming out of the region.

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A shiny GEnx engine on a Qatar Airways 787 sits in splendor at the Farnborough International Airshow.

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Think you're stressed? This is a 15 MW test bay at Clemson University designed to put next-gen GE wind turbines through 20 years of stress in just a few months.

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Wind turbines can be up to 1.5x taller than the Statue of Liberty (140 m) and their blades with blades spanning the length of a football field.

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The daunting, beautiful climb up to the top of a wind turbine. Photo taken by Lindsay Howard at the Cape Cod Instawalk.

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This tiny device contains 400 ohmic MEMS switches, which regulate the flow of electricity and can handle more than 1kW. That's enough to power a microwave for over an hour.

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Did you know? The GE Evolution series locomotive weighs 436,000 pounds. That's equivalent to 109 average-sized cars.

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When laid out, a GE locomotive's interior contains an astounding 6.7 miles of wiring.

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